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Welcome to Deutscher Chiropractic - Meet our Doctor's

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Hello everyone! I think it is best to start off by introducing ourselves. Dr. Kurt started up the Athabasca Clinic on August 1, 1986 (after a month of observing Dr. Robert Brodeur) and has been working independently out of this clinic until 2020. Dr. Kurt is known for caring deeply about his patients and building healthy relationships.

In 2020, Dr. Joshua Deutscher (Dr. Kurt's son) joined the practice after studying his undergrad at the University of Alberta and then relocating to Portland, Oregon to attend the University of Western States (UWS). Some of Dr. Josh's memorable moments of attending UWS include playing ping pong to destress from exams, exploring the amazing food of various cultures in the city of Portland, and bonding and making lifelong friendships in a stressful academic environment. Some fun facts about Dr. Josh include that he and his wife, Tina, live in Athabasca with their two cats and Dr. Josh particularly likes Tina's Vietnamese cooking. Dr. Josh's wife is currently in school for massage therapy. In their spare time, they like to usually stay home enjoying drinking coffee, playing video games and D&D, and looking forward to travelling in the near future. Up next is hopefully a trip to Japan.

In 2021, Dr. Matthew Deutscher (another son of Dr. Kurt) joined the practice after studying his undergrad at MacEwan University and then also relocating to Portland, Oregon, to attend the University of Western States (UWS). Some of Dr. Matt's memorable moments of attending UWS include hosting late night and weekend group studies (that may have included the odd Disney movie study break), anatomy lab, making some amazing lifelong friends, going to the coast (to see Haystack Rock, whales, sea lions and Dungeness crab trapping), going to Mount Hood, as well as a road trip through Crater Lake, California and Seattle. Some fun facts about Dr. Matt are that he is an avid technological nerd and gamer, while in the contrast also enjoys the outdoors/bowhunting (often with his wonderful wife, Alyssa). Dr. Matt is soon to be a father as well and he and his wife are expecting their first baby shortly (and by shortly, this baby could even be a Thanksgiving baby).

We look forward to having future blog posts about wellness, various ways to help take care of your body, exercises, nutrition information, etc.

Left to Right: Dr. Kurt, Dr. Josh and Dr. Matt Deutscher

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